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Maroccha-100procent-freeMarocchat or is the first moroccan chat site on the internet. marocchat was and is still the meeting place for Moroccans all over the world. this because of it the reliability and stability of our chat servers.

Maroc chat has two kinds of chat, Normal text, and the new and mordern voice and video chat.

Both chats are free of charge and without any registration.

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Maroc chat | voice video chat

maroc chat | text chat

Maroc chat | text chat

Tips using Maroc Chat

  • Use of maroc chat room is at your own risk and permitted via the Terms of Service; please read it before joining chat. The opinions expressed in chat by users are not necessarily those of the hosts of this site or moderators.
  •  If you experience harassment when a moderator isn’t present, right-click the name of the person and then click “Ignore User”. You will not see any messages from that user.
  •  Be yourself, be friendly, and have fun!